I'm Justin McConnell, and this is a bit more about me. Answers to questions such as:
Why do I do it?
     I do this for the stories. Sometimes it is the story of what happened behind the scenes while my film making partners and I made the film that went to Cannes, how Bill fell asleep while Tom and I were shooting a scene and his snoring was caught on audio, or how Tom pushed a bit too hard when we were shooting an argument scene and he actually put me through the drywall instead of just acting like he did. Other times it is the stories the work tells itself. The first set of photos I took of my fiancee Carrole and the brilliance of her stage performance being captured in my still photos, or the shot of the Wreckless Freeks in Post Alley where the photo shows the exact moment of impact as Lurch drops the bowling ball onto the cinder block sitting on Sideshow Ben's chest. I use art to tell stories, that is my how and my why.

I'll use just about any medium to tell these stories. I shoot with film and with digital cameras. I make motion pictures and still pictures. I draw and I photograph. I write and I act. I don't see where one art form ends and the other begins. What I see is a way to tell stories with pictures and I try to find the right way to show the right picture for the story. This is where my art is today, working on the next story for photographs, the next story for a motion picture, or the next story for graphic art.

Really, that is all there is to it.
Where Have I done It?
2017                     Associate of Fine Arts Studio Art, Shoreline Community College, Shoreline WA
2017                     Associate of Fine Arts Photography, Shoreline Community College, Shoreline WA
2016                    Associate of Applied Arts & Sciences, Animation, Shoreline Community College, Shoreline WA

Exhibitions & Publications
2018                     Spindrift, Art & Literary Journal, Shoreline WA
2017                     AFA Student Exhibition, Shoreline Community College Gallery, Shoreline WA
2017                     AFA Gallery Show Poster, Shoreline WA
2017                     Enfolio, Shoreline Community College AFA Magazine, Shoreline WA
2014                    TED Talks slide show, 2014 TED Talks
2006                    Short Film Market (Veritas, Attendee) Le Festival de Cannes, Cannes, France

Professional Experience
2012-Present      Justin McConnell Media, Commercial Media Services
2017                      Shoreline Community College, Darkroom/Studio Technician
2016                     Shoreline Community College, Tutor - Adobe CC Products
2004-2010           McConnell-Kozel Entertainment, Motion Picture Production

Volunteer Work & Memberships
2013-2015             Flash Mafia, Co-founder and coordinator, free weekly photo group, Seattle WA
2013-2015             Wreckless Freeks Sideshow, Volunteer Photographer, Seattle WA
2013-2014             Oddmall Seattle, Volunteer Photographer, Seattle WA
2013-2014             Rat City Roller Girls, Volunteer Photographer, Seattle WA
2013-2014             Potential Fresh Meat Roller Derby, Volunteer Photographer, Seattle WA
2013-2014             Crypticon, Volunteer Photographer, Seattle WA
2012-2013             NorwesCon, Volunteer Photographer and Film Maker, Seattle WA
How Do You Contact Me?
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