Apartment Building, 2014, 18"x 24", ink on rice paper.
A line and wash drawing of the exterior of an apartment building exhibiting texture, detail, and perspective. Ink is applied with pen, quill, and brush.

Apartment Alley, 2014, 18”x24”, charcoal on drawing paper.
Study of an exterior space demonstrating light, shadow, and form. Additive use of charcoal.

Still Life, 2017, 18”x24”, graphite on drawing paper.
Form, shadow, and perspective are illustrated using observation and measurement.

Skeleton, 2017, 24”x28”, charcoal and conte on gray toned drawing paper.
Reductive charcoal and additive charcoal and conte technique to create chiaroscuro lighting effects.

Nude Study II, 2017, 18”x24”, charcoal and conte on warm toned drawing paper.
Emphasis on shadow and highlight areas using negative space and trois crayon medium gives the image depth and focus.

Nude Study I, 2017, 24”x28”, charcoal on gray toned drawing paper.
Multiple sitting rendering centered on realistic depiction of subject. Value, shadow, and form align to depict a realistic composition.

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