Classy Cars & Lovable Ladies, 2019. Pinup magazine calendar. Magazine fundraiser final product design.
Client: Ms. Madelyn Vesper Presents.
Tiki & Pinup, 2019. Pinup magazine calendar Mockup. Magazine Calendar fundraising product example.
Client: Ms. Madelyn Vesper Presents.
Godfrey Palace Hotel, 2016. Rebranding campaign design project. Student work.
Judy Fu's Menu, 2016. Rebranding print design project. Student work.

Batgirl, 2015. Movie Poster Design. Student Work.

Alice in Wonderland Theater Tickets, 2016. Non-traditional design piece. Student work. 

Gena-Grow, 2016. Logo design project. Student work.

The Ancient World, 2016. Class information poster designed as a movie poster. 
Client: Shoreline Community College.

Student Advising Primer, 2016. Inforgraphic layout of curriculum planning information. 
Client: Shoreline Community College.

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