Forest Tangram, 2014, 14”x14”, colored paper.
Tangram study using colored paper and rubber cement. Repetition and simple objects create more complex forms. Positive and negative space create figure-ground relationship.

Wish You Were Here, 2014, 11”x14”, acrylic paint on drawing paper.
Grayscale study paying homage to Pink Floyd's record Wish You Were Here using painted paper cut into shapes and glued to drawing paper. Abstract shape and tonal range are explored to create recognizable form.

100 Cranes Flying, 2016, 6”x6”x10”, Post-It notes, wire, and wood.
Whimsical 3D design using 100 origami cranes glued to a wire fixture to create the illusion of flight. Gestalt practices of continuation and repetition are utilized to create a larger mass of smaller forms.

Hasselblad, 2016, 6”x12”x8”, wire.
Wire sculpture of a Hasselblad medium format camera using line, contour and negative space.

Voyager 40, 2016, 8'x6'x4', site-specific art installation, cardboard, PVC, mylar, printed photographs.
Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Voyager missions in 1977, this installation uses printed photographs from the Voyager's Golden Record to decoupage the exterior of the display.

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