PInup Calendar Sample, 2019, 8.5"X11" pinup calendar mockup for marketing use as part of a charity fundraiser drive.

Vespa, 2015, digital illustration.
Illustration of a motor scooter using digital tools working from photographic reference. Color gradients, form and shadow are explored using a non-traditional medium.

Batgirl, 2015, 24”x36”, photo-illustration.
Movie poster design for a speculative motion picture based on the comic book Batgirl. Blending of layers, multiple photographic content, and effects filters are used to create a surreal experience.

Theater Ticket Folio, 2015, 5"x7" ticket folio with playing card sized show ticket. Type, illustration, and print layout.

Levitating Stones, 2015, Photographic Composite
Surrealistic image of gravity-defying rocks on a composited background of multiple elements.

Lion Bow I, 2015, 11”x14”, marker on vellum.
Concept art for an ornate bow and arrow with an accompanying quiver. Front and side views create a design template for 3D or model production.

Lion Bow II, 2015, 11”x14”, marker on vellum.
Concept art illustration of an ornate bow and arrow with accompanying quiver. Perspective view to show the object in use and object proportions to characters.

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